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Creati Founder

Graphic Artist,
Photographer, Videographer,
Editor & Drummer 


- Timothy Mahlbacher -

Tim Mahlbacher is the senior visual artist and founder here at Creati. Besides being as tall as Micheal Jordan, he also specializes in television & web video production, motion graphics, as well as graphic design for print, internet, and video. In the last 30 years, Tim has had an exciting career that spans from Hollywood movies and Las Vegas stage shows to helping 100 million dollar companies build their brands and tell their stories. When he's not obsessing over the latest project, he's either playing drums or eating some vegan concoction…

Client / Partner

Production Strategy, Storyline Script Writer & Taco Connoisseur 


Leon specializes in producing videos, writing scripts, helping generate storylines, and strategizing on what videos should contain. He’s a former newspaper reporter and a current digital news editor with more than 30 years of experience telling stories about people, businesses, and products. Plus, he’s really good at finding great tacos in just about any city!

- Leon Fooksman -

Client / Consultant

Creative Advertising,
Marketing Specialist
& Trapeze Artist


Monique has the vision to create a way of growing a client's business above and beyond what the competition offers. Each client is unique and requires different avenues of advertising to dominate the market.


Her Team works diligently to make sure each ad dollar is allocated to the fullest potential for their clients' success and return on investment. 


And when she has the time, you can see her doing handstands in the grass by the intercoastal.

- Monique Hausheer -


Copywriter Extraordinaire & Comedian


- Teddy Field -

The world-famous Teddy Writer will write the heck out of your project, but not before he researches with a vengeance! Plus, his laugh is legendary and he thinks he’s hilarious! No one writes brilliant, award-winning content and scripts like me Teddy!

OF   C H A R A C T E R S

Production Assistant

Sound Engineer, 1st AC
Photographer & Songwriter


Faby Perla has been writing songs and producing her own music videos since she can remember. With thousands of hours of recording audio and music videos, she’s developed an eye for the brightest exposure and a critical ear for the softest nuance. Plus, she can even hear the wings of a nat from 15 feet away!

- Fabiola Perla -

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