Video Production

Bringing all of your advertising and marketing brands together into the media of video is an art form. Web video is the most powerful way to succinctly communicate your message. A single webpage with a three minute video can capture your viewer’s interest and influence them to respond to your products and services like no other media can. Not all video producers are created equal, and not all are as cost-conscious of their customer’s needs as Timothy Mahlbacher.

It’s like having a team of people with a variety of experience and skills but you only have to pay one of them! Timothy has an accomplished background in fine arts, a degree in advertising and graphic design, fifteen years in video production, and twenty years of photography experience. Timothy Mahlbacher has worked tirelessly to become as singlehandedly capable as an entire video production team.  He has many high-level productions under his belt, ranging from 30 second commercials to a two hour documentary-drama. Timothy has returned to West Palm Beach, Florida from Hollywood, California with five years of experience in directing, producing, camera operation and editing. Timothy Mahlbacher has the Hollywood prowess and the Hollywood-style equipment for your next web or broadcast  video production.

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